Mike wazowski coloring pages

In Monsters, Inc. , he is Sulley’s arch-rival on the scare floor, as well as Jeffrey Fungus’ boss. The two vie for position as the area’s top scream collector, a competition set up to encourage working. Ironically, Randall does manage to win top position for a few seconds, until Sulley comes back from a slumber party, thus winning it back. They also compete for The All-Time Scare Record, and tensions rise high as “that fateful time” approaches. Henry J. Waternoose secretly approaches Randall and orders him to build a scream extraction machine, a sort of vacuum device with a tube on the end, and use it on kidnapped children to solve the city’s energy shortage, figuring it would be for the company’s good, and make sure it did not “go under”, as Waternoose put it. Randall agrees to help him, but still attempts to win before that. One night, Randall leaves a door activated on the Scare Floor, when he was doing a bit of late-night work, and a little girl, later dubbed Boo, gets through it. Randall makes several attempts to use the Scream Extracter on Boo, but they all fail, because Mike and Sulley got it into their heads to stop him. Then, Sulley and Mike steal Randall’s door key and flee into the Door Storage Building with Boo, hotly pursued by the owner. After their final battle there, Randall is thrown through a door into the human world and winds up in a house trailer whose inhabitants beat him senseless, believing him to be an alligator. Sulley and Mike destroyed the door to prevent Randall from returning to the monster world and thus foiled his plan.

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