Christmas town printable coloring pages

They get there, and find out that the small town is called Hollyville. They walk by a strange factory, called “NP Enterprises”. When they look through the fence, but they are interrupted by a man that tells them that there is “NO PEEKING!”. Then they walk deeper in Hollyville. They find out that Jack, who was formerly a banker, is now working as a chef at the local cafe, called “The Egg Nog”. They find a woman named Roxy to fix their car, and Liz hopes they will not stay for too long. Meanwhile, grandpa Jack takes them to his cottage, which has a huge Christmas tree inside. It is revealed that Liz doesn’t quite like Christmas. Mason finds out that “NP Enterprises” is actually “North Pole Enterprises”, and that Santa’s elves work there, including the big man.

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